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Revision note: First pass at a 1Password intro.
  • 1Password is a password management app to keep login credentials and other private data secure. After starting out as a password manager tool for Macs, 1Password has grown into a tool to share password among family members, small businesses, and enterprise teams alike.
  • 1Password is built around vaults to organize private data, secured with AES 256-bit encryption. You’ll likely use one vault for your personal accounts, then perhaps add a shared vault for family info, and another for your company and direct team accounts—each one accessible through 1Password’s browser integrations, though keeping your data separate. You can sync your vaults through 1Password’s sync service, or using Dropbox, iCloud, or local WiFi sync.
  • While you can use 1Password’s apps to add and manage passwords, the main way 1Password is used is through its browser integrations. Once you’ve installed its Mac, Windows, iOS, or Android apps and set up your vault, you’ll be prompted to install 1Password’s browser extensions—or on mobile, can access 1Password through the share menu. Then, when you create a new account or login to a site, 1Password will ask to save your password. And if you’re creating a new account, 1Password can create a secure password, and can add 2-factor authentication if you’d like. The next time you login, press 1Password’s keyboard shortcut and it’ll automatically fill the password and authentication code so you never have to remember another password.
  • Along with passwords, 1Password can also keep track of your credit card info, address, and other personal sensitive data. Instead of typing in info every time, 1Password can remember and fill it in for you.
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