Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about 1Password?

The UX when using with Google Chrome

Combines with 2FA so I don’t need to use Google authenticator which doesn’t transfer when I change phones

That it turned out to be not just for passwords.
I use 1Password all the time to fill personal info forms to book and check in for flights, for examples.
It just removed regular form-filling from my life.

Great attempt to solve the password management problem for the web

It stores and encrypts all of my passwords so I never have to remember any of them and they are all auto-generated 64 character (or whatever the longest password any service will accept) and unique so they are damned near impossible to brute force and if a service is hacked I've only lost a randomly generated string.

ease of managing and maintaining passwords

autocompletion and hacked password checks

Auto-generate word based passwords.

What one thing do you like least about 1Password?

The address autofill feature can be buggy sometimes

The web browser extensions are still a tad buggy sometimes

There is no Linux client.

It requires me to use it everywhere. Logging into a site from a friend's computer or a device becomes a hassle.

Not much! It's been my primary password manager for almost a decade. I suppose if I had to pick one, the Firefox extension behaves oddly when 1Password is connected to multiple team accounts. Essentially you have 1Password for each team and when you bring up the 1Password X Firefox extension, the password you type only unlocks the passwords for one team, so you consciously have to remember which password to use and which team account that password is it. A not insignificant percentage of the time I goof and type the wrong one and I have unlocked passwords for the wrong team and have to go back and explicitly unlock it for the other to get the password I'm looking for.

installation and management across machines

It doesn't autofill and auto-login to websites as seamlessly as LastPass does