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  • ### Integration
  • Airtable offers a lot of integration possibilities. There are native integrations, third-party integrations, and partners apps.
  • **Native integration**: Airtable offers native integration with Dropbox, Gmail, Google Drive, Box, and Typeform.
  • **Partner Apps**: Airtable Marketplace provides several integration possibilities. Users just need to add the app as a block. Among the options: Miro, Jira Cloud, Typeform, Abyssale, QR Code Generator, etc.
  • **Third-party integrations**: It's possible to integrate Airtable with other apps using Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT,, and others.
  • ### **Scripts**
  • Users can write their own scripts, use and customize an existing script, and create apps in Airtable. In addition, it's possible to remix an app or create a new one.
  • Airtable website offers detailed documentation. Users can find additional documentation on the Github website.
  • ### **Automation**
  • It's possible to create automation workflows in Airtable using native automation block, third-party integration services, and partner services.
  • **Third-party integration services** like Zapier,, and Integromat allow users to create simple automation or complex workflows, connecting several apps and multiple steps.
  • **Native solution**: Airtable also provides the possibility of adding automation blocks natively.
  • **Partner services** : Miniextensions is a partner service offering around 100 extensions to automatize workflows. Miniextensions is a paid service.
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