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Is there a notes app I'm missing?

My team uses Asana for to dos & Outlook for calendar, and I need a way to document notes from meetings for specific tasks or the opposite: if a task is being blocked by some issue, I'd like to ...

How do you prioritize projects?

Hi all! I've set up spaces such as Personal, Family, Business, Career. I've added my projects (lists) to spaces. Some of the lists are grouped in folders. Now, since I am the only one to work on ...

Todo-list app with android widget and start dates?

I'm having a hard time finding a task-list that matches all of these requirements, would anyone know of more tools than those listed? Requirements 1. Web-app (or at least Windows) 2. Android app w...

Do you still use the Getting Things Done method to manage your tasks?

The New Yorker recently ran an article about the rise and fall of GTD, something I've felt myself as I've switched from OmniFocus and strict GTD to more ad-hoc to-do lists on paper and in Things, a...

Post message from any apps

I wonder if it'd be convenient to share your work and discuss with team directly from apps you are currently opening. Like if you are a designer, post design link and discuss with other teams (reg...

Are kanban boards the best way to organize stuff?

Kanban boards are everywhere now, the default way to organize tasks, contacts, database entries, notes, and more. Airtable uses them to organize your data. Pipedrive uses them to turn your leads i...

What's the best tech stack to transition from a Sales-led to a Product-led company?

As a start-up we want to keep out tech stack simple and avoid introducing too many tools today. But we also want to make sure we choose apps that can scale with us. We are a product-let SaaS app f...

A question on many's mind: Any insight out there as to when the Notion API is actually coming?

Hi, I, like I am guessing 100's here in Capiche, cannot get past a day without envisioning all the ways I will be using the Notion API when it finally comes out. There seems very little info of an...

Any insights about the forthcoming Flow X?

Looks like a contender against Slack — curiously designed by the same folks who designed the first version of Slack!

How many SaaS tools do you collaborate across on a daily basis?

When I used to work at a large company I remember my work being spread across GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, Datadog, Figma and Dropbox, in that order. I pay close attention to my workflows and I not...

Is Asana worth paying for?

I'm trying to find any solution to manage our projects and also for my personal use. I love Asana's clean UI, but I have to pay for at least two seats. Is there is any other SaaS like Asana but th...

What are alternatives for Wunderlist?

I’ve been looking for alternatives for Wunderlist since it went away. To be honest, I tried To Do for a month and it’s just not my thing. After using Wunderlist for three years, it’s a huge disappo...

What is your favorite kanban board layout?

Kanban boards are everywhere, after Trello popularized them with its simple kanban-only workflow. You can reorder your Asana tasks (along with those in many other project management apps) in a kanb...

Are you planning to try

The Basecamp team launched Hey today to much fanfare. I made a couple initial contributions to the Hey product wiki. What does everyone think of the features they focused on? Are you going to tr...

What software do you wish existed?

What software are you looking for that you've never been able to find, and wish there was something for that exact use case? Maybe there's something that almost fits your needs but not quite. Or m...

What do you think about Infinity App?

I just saw it on Producthunt today. Infinity App. what do you think about it? Do you think lifetime membership is attractive? They claim to replace Trello, Asana, Monday, Clickup, Airtable. and how...

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Which one is the best for personal project management?

Airtable, Asana, Clickup,, Trello and Notion. I have been using Notion for a while but I want to know more about others database application as well. Anyone wanna share their experience??

Debate: Jira vs. Asana

Jira is a classic. It's been around nearly 20 years, pretty much anyone who works in software has used it at one point or another, and it continues to have an incredibly loyal userbase. For it's ol...

Meet the Capiche Community, March/April 2020.

Welcome to Capiche! What are you working on that you’re most excited about? What’d you read recently that influenced you the most? What’s the newest software you’ve stared using? What tech problem...

Has anyone used PubNub Chat API inside an app?

SpaceMonk is building a communication and manageability app for frontline workers. We are planning to use PubNub Chat API for our chat feature. Has anyone used PubNub Chat API?

Todoist vs Asana: Which is the better to-do list app?

If you've used both Todoist and Asana, what made one better than the other for you? Why'd you pick the app you did to manage your tasks?

What is the best Asana setup for employee onboarding?

I think their templates feature makes sense for this, but curious if anyone has any insights to share on how they set this up...

How is Gen Z using workplace software differently?

I've read lots things about the ways Gen Z communicates and uses consumer tech, but haven't seen too much about whether they are using different tools in the workplace, or using tools in different ...

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What tools to build for customer engagement?

Our company is building a Basecamp for facility maintenance workforce. Wondering what tools to build once app is deployed.

Which Asana features are not as good as the competition?

Anything you still use other apps for?

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What project management app did you use before switching to Asana?

We've used Basecamp, then Trello, then a customized Airtable, and now are considering using Asana. Curious what apps others used before switching to Asana, and how the change was for you.

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How much has your team customized Asana?

Or has it worked well enough out of the box?

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Do Asana’s mobile apps include all of its features?

Could you use Asana effectively from your phone without ever using the online version? That'd be very convenient for our sales team members when they're out of office.

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How do Asana’s annual plans work?

Do you pay for the whole year at once, or pay monthly with the annual discount?

Why did you upgrade to a paid Asana plan?

Our team has used Asana for free for years, but is tempted to upgrade for their timeline feature. What got your team to upgrade—and are you happy with Asana's paid features?

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What are your favorite Asana templates?

Trying to find ways to use Asana more productively, and would love inspiration from other teams on the templates you use.

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Do you discuss projects in Asana or Slack?

Curious if anyone's replaced team chat with Asana's conversations.

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How do Asana's Kanban boards compare to Trello?

Curious how it works to use Asana solely with kanban boards, like Trello, or if it'd be better to just use a kanban-only app.

Do you use Asana Business or Professional?

Trying to decide if Professional's features are worth the additional cost.

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Do you prefer Asana's Calendar or Timeline?

Wondering if it's worth upgrading my Asana plan to get the Timeline feature.

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Is Asana's calendar a good replacement for Gantt charts?

Curious about how flexible it is, especially for rescheduling tasks that take longer than planned.

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How do you organize tasks in Asana?

Do you prefer lists, kanban boards, or timelines?

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Why did you choose Asana?

There are so many to-do list apps—what feature made you pick Asana?

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What Asana templates do you use?

I've always started new projects with a blank list, but would love to get inspiration on ways others are using Asana templates.

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