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  • Attio is a CRM built with integrations, automations, and flexibility in mind. It is designed so individuals, teams, and organizations can build their perfect relationship management solution.
  • Because Attio uses your email data to automatically build out a relationship database, it works best when teams use it together. The collective database means contacts, information, and communications can be quickly shared between teammates.  People get the most out of Attio when it's used in relationship-based environments. If you are regularly in contact with people outside your organization then Attio will work well for you.
  • Attio's biggest fans love its flexible Collection and View format that lets you build mini-CRMs unique to your problem within your team's workspace.
  • The large number of possibilities available to people can be daunting, but the large number of pre-made templates and quick support response helps almost anyone get started quickly.
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