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Do you have an email validation tool you'd recommend?

Looking at ways to make sure people don't mistype their email when they sign up. Sendgrid has a verification API—have you used it and does it work well, or do you have other email verification tool...

Recommendation on Customer Enrichment Tools

Looking for recommendation on Customer/Data Enrichment Tools and also would be great to hear from the community how do they use and leverage the features from these enrichment tools.

Add company logos to your Notion docs without downloading them

Using emojis is versatile but sometimes you need something a little more specific, like a company's logo. Luckily Clearbit offers a free logo API and the format is incredibly simple. Just go to you...

You mentioned you would have raised less during your seed round if you could do it again. What trade-offs do you evaluate when thinking about when raising?

Is owning 50% of a 10M ARR company better than owning 5% of an 100M ARR company? Have VC add-on services actually been useful? Does taking investment change the things you prioritise?

How were you able to attract talent in the early days?

is there anything specific you did to attract world-class employees? What do you recommend for startups with limited salary budget

Do you still code?

Do you still find time to code? Or is your involvement at clearbit 100% focused on running the company now...

Evolution of ClearBit?

Does ClearBit have a plan to evolve into a CRM like Hubspot or SalesForce?

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How best to sell integration services around your product?

Not many customers understand how an API based Product can help so services play a vital role, but it seems hard to add as additional item...

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