An iOS and macOS native note-taking app that offers capabilities in structuring and organizing content using bi-directional linking.

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Is there a notes app I'm missing?

My team uses Asana for to dos & Outlook for calendar, and I need a way to document notes from meetings for specific tasks or the opposite: if a task is being blocked by some issue, I'd like to be able to have the task with context in the meeting notes. So I need tasks <> notes <> meetings tied together. Hugo tries to do this, but I simply don't enjoy using it, simply put. Is there anything else out there that can solve this issue? Or have I not given Hugo a proper look? I know this is specific, so any suggestions/advice is much appreciated

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What is the best CMS for a personal blog on a custom domain?

Looking for something easy to set up, that looks good, and preferably not VC-backed because I want it to be around for a while.

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