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  • Dropbox is a file sync tool to share files with colleagues, collaborate on work, keep your devices in sync, and make sure you can access your files from anywhere.
  • Dropbox started out as a single _Dropbox_ folder where every file you added to that folder would automatically sync to all of your other devices, and would also be available from the Dropbox web app. You could then share individual sub-folders with colleagues and friends, and any file in those sub-folders would automatically sync to that folder in their Dropbox folder. 3rd party software often uses Dropbox to sync files, for example password management app [[Product|1Password]], saving data to Dropbox to keep the app’s data on all your devices.
  • Today, Dropbox can sync most folders on your computer, and works with an ecosystem of web apps to keep your data together. Dropbox includes a number of additional apps, including Dropbox Paper for collaborative writing and HelloSign, a signature app Dropbox recently acquired.
  • While it’s not a traditional backup software, Dropbox is often commonly relied on for backups since it keeps a copy of your files online. You can revert changes to files or recover deleted files for 30 days, or longer depending on your plan.
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