October 20, 2021

The best note-taking app of 2021

Obsidian wins Capiche's Note-taking App Showdown

by @klapicheza

Capiche moderator & admin. Digital whiteboarding fangirl. Open to commiserating on slim ATS pickings.
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Congratulations to Obsidian for taking top honors in this year's Note-taking App Showdown on Capiche!


After tight voting in early rounds, Obisidian comes out on top over up-and-comer app, Mem, in a landslide vote.


What category should we dive into next? Let us know!

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@komalweavit (replying to klapicheza )
a month ago

Hi guys! Think you should do a thought capture app next, because Obsidian and mem are quite different, not really simple notetaking apps

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