October 9, 2019

How much does HubSpot cost?

What dozens of teams pay for HubSpot's CRM and marketing tools.

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HubSpot starts out cheap—or free, if you use its CRM. But what would your team pay each month if you rolled it out across your company and used its marketing tools extensively?

Capiche is on a mission to make software prices more transparent, to help you know what software really costs other teams. From the dozens of HubSpot pricing stories we've submitted, here are what you can expect to pay for HubSpot—and ways to save on your subscription.

HubSpot Startup Discount

Your first few years with HubSpot are the cheapest for many teams, thanks to their graduated startup plan pricing:

“Startup plan. 90% off of full prices for first year. 2nd year is 50% off. 3rd year is 25% off.”

“90% off list prices for first year with startup discount. That took our £1,800 per month plan to £180/month for sales professional and marketing professional.”

“We did the startup package to get a 90% discount on HubSpot, paying $240 instead of $2,160.00 for the Marketing Hub Professional Plan per quarter.”

Best of all, if your team is accepted into HubSpot for Startups, you also gets access to some of the best startup software discounts, including $1,000 AWS credit, 75% off your first year of Front, a free year of Teamwork, and more.

Or, if you don't get accepted, you can still save 40% off your first year of HubSpot with Stripe Corporate Card, or 30% off your first year with FoundersCard and Brex.

Negotiable Discounts

After those early savings, many teams shared ways they got their HubSpot pricing down, including buying HubSpot's products in a bundle, requesting discounts at the right time, and more:

“TLDR - buy at the end of the quarter. They have heavy discounts baked into their pricing model that are not hard to get approved, especially EOQ. We were able to get about 50% off list in a matter of hours by just saying we would sign by the end of day (on/around Sept 29th) if they got to our price point.”

“MarketingHub + SalesHub bundle: $800/mo (total for both). They don't seem to budge much on pricing for individual products but you can get a discount if you bundle two of their products together and we also got 30% off an annual contract with BREX.”

“For a seat of 5 license, we got an initial offer of $1200/month for HubSpot Marketing Hub Pro + 1000 contacts and Sales Hub Pro, but we were able to get a 50% off and down to $600.”

“$200/mo (annually) after $200 discount for 5 users.”

“We have a small team and pay $850/mo for HubSpot Marketing Hub Basic ($160/mo after $40 discount), 6,000 contacts ($480/mo after $120 discount) and CMS ($210 after $90 discount). We were initially offered 20% off on the CMS package but negotiated that to 30%. HubSpot has proposed moving us to Marketing Professional (from $160/mo to $800/mo, but our cost for contacts would be reduced by 50%).”

“For 50 users of the $125 per month per user plan of Sales Hub, we got them at $45 per user per month after a month long negotiation. We got the discount on the last day of the quarter, where they dropped 15% on the price in the last 2 hours to sign the deal.”

“If you lock in a yearly plan on HubSpot Marketing, you pay the tier price base on the number of contacts you have in your CRM at the time of signing. After that, you can add an unlimited number of contacts and you're still locked in at the initial tier for the full year.”

“After some negotiations we got a 60% discount on our full package based on a 12-month contract.”

“Our team of four operated Hubspot enterprise for a company of about 250 employees. We initially received a quote for $2,500 plus an extra $10 per thousand contacts. We had over 500,000 contacts, but we did not engage with them over email. We got them to remove the surplus contact fee.”

HubSpot Real Pricing

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot's Starter plan starts at $50/month, but goes up fast from there—and most of its plans require you to contact their sales team for details. Here's a baseline from a number of Capiche contributors who shared what they pay for HubSpot with various team sizes:

“We pay about $30k/year for a 25-person company with 5 people using it.”

“Our team paid rack rate for Sales Enterprise: around $28,000 annually for Marketing Hub with 10k contacts, along with over $8,000 for 70k additional contacts, $14k for 10 Sales Hub users, $6k for a dedicated email IP, and another $6k for transactional email. They were able to knock off 70% for a 90 day 'implementation specialist' that was pretty helpful.”

“£30,000 a year for a few users.”

“$800 for marketing and $250 for sales pro, with 5 users and 10000ish contacts.”

“We have a sales team of about 25 folks and we pay $12,500 per year for Sales Hub enterprise. They're pretty good at meeting costs if you speak with them at EOQ.”

“We have 3 users on marketing automation and 1 on the CRM. We are using the startup plan by HubSpot. So, we pay $85 per month.”

“We were originally quoted at the "Startup" level for Hubspot Marketing Hub Pro, and currently pay $5.700 per year for Hubspot Marketing Hub Pro w/ 4,000 contacts. For next year, we are being quoted at $8,550 for 4,000 contacts.”

The Free HubSpot CRM

And then, there’s always the one free thing HubSpot offers, as one reader reminded: HubSpot CRM.

“$0 a month for HubSpot CRM.”

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