September 22, 2019

How much does Intercom cost?

Here's how much real teams pay for Intercom.

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You know those ubiquitous chat bubbles in the lower right corner of websites? Next time you see one, there's a good chance it's powered by Intercom. A popular customer messaging platform, Intercom helps you help customers with automated messages as they navigate through your site, with handy customer support chat only a click away.

Intercom's simple to use—but its pricing is a bit more confusing. Intercom pricing is based on your plan ($49-$153/month), number of team members ($19-$39/month per user), number of “active people” or recently active leads and customers ($15-$50/month per thousand), and add-ons ($49-$119/month). Altogether, that's how the average team pays $731 per month for Intercom.

Here's more detail from Capiche's software pricing stories—and tips on how to save and negotiate Intercom discounts.

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Here are some of the most popular anonymous pricing stories on Intercom's popular product messaging platform:

Startup discounts:

“$100 per month. We have a 25% discount from 500Startups.”

“We applied for Intercom startup and they approved it, so we pay $49/month.”

“Startup plan with 5 people for $49 a month.”

“Free for the first year via an unlisted startup program—includes full access to all Intercom products.”

“$50/month. We found a Startup program on their website. We currently have about 5k users with 4k active users.”

Negotiated Discounts

Once the initial discounts run out, several teams shared success with negotiating discounts:

“As a startup we struggled to get into the startup program, giving us free for one year. 12 months later we were given a deal of €90 to continue but after some emailing we were offered a 15% lower price for the 2 seats we had.”

“Our team got a sweetheart deal from Intercom because we were early adopters. Roughly we paid around $400/mo for unlimited usage. Overall we loved the product and the entire company used it to answer customer requests, built-in product flows, and much more.”

“We got a deal on Intercom thanks to a personal relationship but it was still around $4.5k/month.”

“Intercom's pricing is very flexible. We explained that our use case is different than most SaaS apps and they were willing to drastically increase our tier of how many contacts we could have. This basically cut our bill nearly in half, from $1500 to $750/month.”

“We are paying $200 for all products. We were asked to upgrade to $700 for all products after startup pricing ended, but we negotiated them down for another year.”

“As a solo maker working on a SaaS product that integrates with Intercom, they reached out to me with a question why I'm not using their tools myself. My answer was that I can't afford it at my current stage and they gave me a 100% discount for their entire offering for a year.”

“We're a team of 4, though it doesn't seem like we're paying per user. We have a legacy discount of just over $100 bringing our current total monthly price for 5.5k contacts at $180/month (after the discount is applied). The discount was added to our account after having a conversation with customer success people at Intercom after they raised prices.”

Trick to Save

Another team shared their trick to save on Intercom—and keep their contact list cleaned up at the same time:

“Our team of 10 is on the Messages Pro (3k/users) + Inbox Essential plans at Intercom. That's $163.80/mo & $80.00/mo respectively, coming to $243.80/mo. They give us a $62/mo discount called 'Legacy discount' - assume because we've been with them since the beginning.

“Thing is, we have a lot more than 3k/users. We don't use Intercom beyond an onboarding process/touchpoint, so we avoid the user count going up in to more expensive plans using a niftly little software solution that almost nobody knows about called Hibernately. This app automatically archives inactive users in Intercom (and MailChimp) to keep you on a lower payment tier. It's fantastic.”

Real Pricing

Intercom pricing

Like most SaaS products, Intercom has pretty confusing pricing. These teams’ pricing details helps give a baseline of what to expect:

“£400/month for a team of 3. We have no discounts and although it's good, we feel like it's way too much.”

“$450/mo for 14000 contacts”

“$351.07 for Messages Pro, Inbox Pro, Articles Pro with 1,369 user (customer) contacts stored in Intercom.”

“Our team of 12 people pays $500/mo for Intercom. This went up significantly when our startup plan expired.”

“Our team of 5 people pays $150/month for articles and inbox essentials. Before that we were in the startup program.”

“Our team has 5 people and a little over 15k contacts, and we are paying $495, though they made the upgrade huge when we passed 15k.”

“We are paying about $450 for 2 seats, the basic plan and the tour features.”

“We have 5 seats, 78,000 quarterly active users, and use messages, inbox and custom bots. We pay $4,700/month.”

“Messages Essential 8,501-9,000 users: $163.60. Inbox Pro 8,501-9,000 users: $220.72. Custom Bots 1,001-10,000: $300.00. Total monthly price: $733.32”

“We are paying $300 a month on Intercom as we are out of the startup program.”

“We pay about $2500/month for 80k users. We use Messages, Knowledgebase, and Inbox.”

“First year we had a flat $49 thru their start up program, we're now paying nearly $300 a month for over 5k users.”

“We are a startup with 4 users that is exiting their startup package. They quoted $638/month (up from $45 per month that we pay right now), including Messages Pro w/ up to 1000 Quarterly Active People (QAP) for $145, Inbox Pro w/ 4 seats for $159, Articles Pro for $99, Custom Bots (based on QAP) for $99, and Product Tours (based on QAP) for $139.”

“For a team of 3, just using their chat & messages, it has been $300/month after the initial early-stage discount.”

“We pay $4347 for Messages Pro, Inbox Pro (39 seats), Articles and Custom bots for 50k Active users.”

“We are paying $600 a month for 6 active seats plus other Intercom features such as articles and answer bot.”

“We pay $117/month for inbox pro (for 3 users).”

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