April 15, 2021

Big news: Capiche is joining Vendr!

by @awwstn

founder/ceo @capiche
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I’ll get right to the news: Capiche has been acquired by Vendr!

20 months ago, we set out to make software a bit more transparent, to make it easier to find out what software costs and if software really works the way it says it would. We knew if everyone shared what they knew about software, we could build a resource that’d help everyone be more productive.

And at the same time, the Vendr team was attacking the same problem the service-driven way. They were picking up the phone, calling SaaS companies, fighting for the best pricing for their customers.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Capiche community is now part of Vendr, and we couldn’t be more excited for what this means for the future of Capiche.

Here’s how it happened.

It all started on a whiteboard, as our early team tried to figure out how to make software a bit more transparent. We knew what we wanted to build, but where to start?

Pricing struck us as the most opaque part of the buying process. We could dig in and break down every SaaS product’s pricing—but it’d be impossible to find all the hidden fees, sales-driven custom pricing, onboarding costs, and more. What if instead everyone could just share what they were paying for software?

So we built out a landing page and an early product around pricing. And it worked. Hundreds of our earliest shared what you paid for software—and then stuck around as we added discussions, wikis, AMAs, essays, and more. You became the Capiche community, as tens of thousands of people joined in sharing what they knew about software to help out the hundreds of thousands of people who stopped by when they were looking for tips.

Vendr was fighting the same fight, one sales call and email at a time, and in the process grew enough to raise a $60 million Series A last month. They figured out how to scale services—and how to make software cost less for businesses at the same time.

We’d noticed Vendr early on as we started digging into software pricing. And it turned out, Vendr founder Ryan New had been a fan of Capiche all along. So when he reached out, we chatted a few times, then he sent over an offer to let Vendr carry the torch and maintain the Capiche community. It was clear this was the right move.

We loved the original mission we’d set out to achieve—and Vendr is one of the few companies that has the same principle of fighting on behalf of buyers. We had so many ideas for ways the community could grow—and knew those and more would be possible in a company growing as fast as Vendr.

We always sought ways to let the community engage with one another. In those explorations, we found ourselves experimenting with audio. The concepts we landed on ended up making more sense as standalone products than a part of Capiche. So, we built them as separate products (most recently Racket, which the original Capiche team is staying together to work on going forward)

And we had, in the meantime, started experimenting with ideas around audio discussions—things that didn’t quite fit into the Capiche community. but that we were excited to build out at Racket, something the acquisition would give us the capital and renewed focus we needed.

So we flew through the process and got the deal done. As of today, the Capiche community is now part of Vendr.

Of all the places Capiche could land, Vendr is somewhere we’re proud of. I’m honored to be passing the torch to such an amazing team. If you’re a member of the Capiche community: you are in good hands. And you should trust me on that, because, as of today, I’m now just a proud member of the Capiche community as well.

Thank you for being part of the Capiche community so far—both of our teams couldn’t be more excited to see how the community continues to grow and be an even more useful resource that makes software a bit more transparent.

See you on Capiche!

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@jeffchung (replying to awwstn )
6 months ago

Great timing, congrats!

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