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  • Figma is cloud-based, so files live at at URL, not on disk. Multiple users can edit a file simultaneously, and will see their colleagues' cursors in real time. Versions of the file are being continuously saved, and files can be rolled back to previous versions if necessary.
  • UI design mockups and prototypes are created using an interface similar to Sketch. The concept of "components" is similar to Sketch's "symbols" with some additional flexibility.
  • Files and prototype can be shared in multiple ways. A file can be shared (with specific view/edit permission options) with colleagues. A URL can be created to allow anybody to access a file from a browser. An iframe can embed the live Figma file directly in a web page.
  • Colleagues can leave notes directly on the design files, with reply threads connected to each comment.
  • A [plug-in architecture]( allows code to be written to add automation and other features to Figma. Plugins can be shared privately within an organization or published to the public community of Figma users.
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