Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Figma?


I can work wherever there's a Chrome browser, no app installation needed

Support for multiple platforms.

Ease of use and compatibility.

Lightweight app. You can go up to 1,000s of design iterations inside one page, barely facing any lags or performance issues.

Multiplayer collaboration is a game changer!

Collaborative design in the browser.

It’s collaborative and accessible nature make it a no brained to use for sketch iterations.

Copying Styles (to CSS) for React projects

I love Figmas collaboration tools. Gone are the days of looking over designers shoulders and plugging in to present work at pinups.

Not just a design tool, Figma provides organization of files into logical structure (teams, projects, files, pages) plus meta structure (shared styles and components). The team has good taste, and delivers good versions of new features.

Real time collaboration

Ability to design, collaborate, prototype and version control within 1 space

Relentlessly releasing new features which feel like they really understand the pain points of designers

It allows more people to participate in design.

The thing I like the most about Figma is that as soon as you start using it, it just feels right. It's just the kind of feeling we all want our users to have when they use our product. I think Figma is one of the few companies that can be proud of having reached this achievement.

Yes their app has blazing fast performances regarding multiplayer editing. Yes I think Sketch should be more than worried. And yes I'm far from surprised to see students switching from Sketch to Figma.

To make a long story short, they just embody what every SaaS is striving for in terms of excellence.

Figma being available through the browser has let me share what I do, and get others interested in a way I wouldn't be able to do with what existed before (Sketch).

Realtime collaboration tools are excellent.

It’s damn fast, even with tons of elements.

I love how intuitive and collaborative Figma is. I also enjoy the huge free ressources (sketch) that can be imported and simply used.

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I love the Figma Community features that allow people to share great designs and tools with others.

Collaboration is SUPER easy

What one thing do you like least about Figma?

It lacks advanced interactivity.

Not being able to copy straight from Adobe into Figma. I cannot use Figma in Safari, I have to use Firefox.

The "Prototype presentation area" is not as smooth as the remaining app.


When there's no connection working it can struggle, I have to remember to save offline files

Sorely lacking text capabilities. Need to be able to search for/by text. Working hyperlinks would be great too.

Not as mature when it comes to importing and exporting different file types.

It doesn’t focus on web/code constraints

Exporting images isn't the nicest

Figma can be glitchy at times. Fonts sometimes jump around making detail design frustrating.

Because it's primarily a web app, the desktop app is little more than a wrapper. I wish more functionality were searchable from the standard Help search (Command+Shift+/).

Seems to cause performance issues on my Mac

Ability to plug and play import design systems

Mirror app feels slow and clunky. Animated transitions in heavy docs become unusable

Speed (which is improving), and moving towards working in code vs. drawing tool.

The fact that you can't really use it offline.

Not being able to nest pages

Commenting system is adequate but not enjoyable.

UX is crappy. Sometimes it takes me ages to understand some basic features.

Components are a little bit challenging to master and effectively use

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I wish there were text wrapping options. I know that is usually the domain of print design tools, but it could be very helpful for UI design as well.

It's a little clunky at times in terms of controls.

Still doesn't support import of a few common design file types - find myself firing up Sketch to handle those.