Rejected (6.26.20)
Revision note: First rev for HIPAA features
  • Formstack has a HIPAA compliant data collection function useful for companies dealing in PHI
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rejected - I'm voting reject here -- I think the HIPAA compliance and PHI are important aspects, but without more context it appears like the product is fully geared toward healthcare (vs. healthcare just being one vertical they serve)

2 years ago
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approved - Guess start small wasn't the best guidance then haha

2 years ago
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rejected - (@awwstn here again...we need to add back-and-forth commenting on revisions!): "starting small" is ok, but generally the aim should be for any approved content to be directionally accurate. So, "Salesforce is a CRM" would be the absolute simplest way of describing it, and would be accurate even in isolation. "Salesforce has a WYSIWYG marketing email creator" is accurate, but with no other context it might lead someone to think Salesforce is an email service provider. In this case I think that approving this revision would mislead people as to what Formstack is.

2 years ago