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Revision note: First stab at adding GitHub pricing.
  • ### How much does GitHub cost?
  • GitHub is free for most individual and public, open-source use. GitHub's free plan includes unlimited public and private repositories with unlimited collaborators, 2,000 actions minutes per month and 500MB packages storage on private repos, with community support.
  • GitHub's paid plains are aimed at teams with advanced features:
  • - GitHub Teams ($4/month per user) for required reviews, 3,000 actions minutes per month and 2GB packages storage, and code owners
  • - GitHub Enterprise ($21/month per user) for SAML signle sign-on, 50,000 actions minutes per month and 50GB packages storage, and advanced auditing
  • - GitHub One (available only through sales) for actionable metrics, 24/7 support, continuous learning, and community-powered security.
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