Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about GitHub?

When it comes to hosting software projects GitHub is second to none. Everything from discovering new projects, hosting your own, doing reviews or even deploying new releases can be done within GitHub. While it's true to GitLab has been pushing the envelope when it comes to feature set, GitHub has started adding a lot of features in the past couple of years and the platform is better than ever.

PR experience and collaborative tools are intuitive and easy to use.

Integrations with other services like Slack and Asana as well as CI/CD tools.

It is ubiquitous so its easy to get help and find people with expertise.

A big community, easy to use and setup, and full integration with 3rd party tools like Composer

GitHub's review tools are already excellent, but I appreciate the continual release of new review features.

Github has very clean HTML structure of the web app, allowing me to write user scripts which increase my productivity with the app. For the same reason, there are numerous great browser extensions for GitHub.

Continuous product improvements

Github reduces immensely the friction to adopt good/better/mode modern practices around software development. The most obvious is version control via Git, sure; but there are many more around ticketing, code review, documentation, licensing, continuous integration/deployment, dependency evaluation, security flaw detection, and many others.

What one thing do you like least about GitHub?

Per-seat pricing for teams. Instead of charging you based on the number of users you have you have to pay for a certain number of seats and then you can invite up to that many users to your organization. For example, if you pay for 50 seats you can invite up to 50 people to your org. If you want to invite a 51st user to your org you have to pay for another seat before you can invite them (this should be done automatically!). Similarly if 10 people then leave your org you're still paying for 51 users even though there are only 40 in your org (this should also be done automatically!).

Pricing model for individuals. It's definitely more geared towards organizations.

The pricing could be more friendly for hobby projects and small teams.

Feels slow at times, especially when moving between PRs and Milestones.

Projects need serious improvement including estimation, dependencies, etc.

Long pages (pull requests with hundreds of comments, etc) load slowly

Encourage your to start team repositories which are billed at a higher rate than personal ones which can still be shared

The myopic non-existing approach to project management, coupled with a shallowness imposed by their data model: there's only one type of ticket and (roughly) only one kind of relationship. Anything further than that you have have to resort to hocus pocus using tons of labels, chrome extensions and external integrations to provide some of this. With just a couple of features they could have dethroned Jira (and others), but refuse to do so.

Its projects feature has an easy to use and clear interface. It is great. But project cards doesn't have a "create date" field.