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Need a formula that helps to quickly assign groupings to line items in a Google Sheet

So im stuck at a problem and i need your help, so im making a sheet to assign batch numbers to items that are inbounded in our warehouse, e.g An item comes on 8/8/2021 so the batch no is 1 An ite...

What software do you wish existed?

What software are you looking for that you've never been able to find, and wish there was something for that exact use case? Maybe there's something that almost fits your needs but not quite. Or m...

What is the best voice recognition and transcription API?

If we want to add built-in voice recognition to an app instead of relying on dictation in individual platforms (e.g. the dictation from the iPhone keyboard), what's the best API to use? If you have...

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What's the best API to recognize items in images—and how well does it actually work in your experience?

There are tools from AWS and Google Cloud to classify images, but curious how well they actually work. Any you've actually used?

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Which is most secure: AWS, GCP, or Azure?

Gavin Baker, who’s highly respected by Benchmark’s Bill Gurley, recently posted a thread about growing startup migration away from AWS to GCP/Azure. Thread here:

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