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Revision note: added some of the interesting posts I saw over the past week!
  • ### Blog posts about GPT-3
  • **[Tempering Expectations for GPT-3 and OpenAI’s API](** (by Max Woolf)
  • **[OpenAI's GPT-3 may be the biggest thing since bitcoin](** (by Manuel Araoz)
  • **[Giving GPT-3 a Turing Test](** (by Kevin Lacker)
  • **[GPT-3 Creative Fiction](** (by Gwern Branwen)
  • **[Why GPT-3 Matters](** (by Leo Gao)
  • **[Quick thoughts on GPT3](** (by Delian Asparouhov)
  • **[What's GPT-3?](** (by Justin Gage)
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