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Have Superhuman, Hey, or other email apps changed how you email?

Often the greatest productivity benefits come from changes in how you work more than the tools themselves. In a recent discussion about the best to-do list apps, the most popular option was pairing...

You can now start a blog from Hey, the email app from Basecamp

After a couple weeks of hints and early posts from the Basecamp team, Hey just got a new option to start a blog via email. It’s as simple as it sounds. If you have a Hey email account, open Hey ...

What software changed how you think and work?

Most new software adds a slight new twist to the way you already work—perhaps it helps you send email faster or add notes automatically, but generally works in the same way as other tools in the ca...

Have you tried Hey for Work yet?

If you're using Hey, have you tried out the new Hey for Work yet? Would you consider switching your company's email service for Hey's features? After discussing the new business plans for Hey on Sa...

How do you read your email newsletters?

Everyone has an email newsletter these days, it seems—and they're often great. Some of today's best writing comes in subscription email newsletters. But then, that means your best reading lives al...

How do you approach documentation?

It's something you value? Do you think it's absolutely unnecessary? How do you manage share of knowledge about the code base between teams and mainly for people entering an existent project? Do you...

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Any chance basecamp will ever (I know, ever is a long time) have a family or individual plan [not the current free version]

Really interested in having my spouse and I run basecamp, but while $99/yr is def worth it for a business, the story is different for a family or individual person. Love Hey, keep up the great wo...

Are you considering letting Hey filter email seders who dynamically generate a unique from address for each message?

For example, helpscout generated email addresses that come from a dynamically-generated email address. Currently you'd have to individually screen in each of them.

How do you think about succession planning at Basecamp?

With policies like “until the end of the internet” and now an email product — how do you think about succession planning? Related, is launch (or even product) success tightly coupled to yours and D...

What has the Covid-19 remote work experience taught us?

What are employers experiencing? What are the long-term ramifications for employees and employers from this unplanned learning experience?

Would you every consider letting people use Hey with their own private IMAP server?

It's not that we don't trust you with our data . . . more that we don't trust anyone with our data.

What was the decision process and considerations that lead you to tackle email as a problem?

I have always admired your focus as a company. So I would love to learn more about the decision process that lead you to build Was it incidental - ie. you felt the pain of email so strong...

What is the story behind the inception of Hey?

Curious to know how it all started... was there some inflection point that made the Basecamp team decide to build a new email product?

What is the level of priority for bringing custom domain support to HEY?

Will custom domains be included in the existing price or a new price point? Will there be a way to convert an existing account to use a custom domain?

Could contact sync come to Hey?

I've put in a LOT of time curating my contacts on macOS and iOS and it's really a non-started to consider starting from scratch again for all my contacts in the Hey interface.

Will Hey truly never allow any import of old emails?

This is a significant barrier to switching if you're coming from another paid service as the only options are "keep paying the other service also" or go with only a locally stored backup, which rea...

Thinking of adding Gmail/other email historical import functionality?

As seen in thread on Capiche here: (and throughout Twitter and elsewhere), seems that a lot of folks are interested in having a hi...

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Are you planning to support offline mode on Hey?

Is an advanced offline version of the platform/application part of the upcoming roadmap?

Do you see Basecamp as a competitor to Slack and MSFT Teams?

Basecamp utilizes e-mail as a consistent notification level for users. Do you think email will be less and less a part of the platform?

First look at HEY, that new email thing

I've been lucky AF to get an invite to the 2-week trial of HEY, the email service that made a lot of noise (mainly due to their war on Apple Store but still). These are some of my first impressions...

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