Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Hey?

Love the screener feature and how easy it's to use. I remember I used to set up filters for different from addresses on my Gmail and Fastmail accounts. On HEY it's just a single Yes/No.

If you mark your emails set aside or reply later on your mobile app, then they are available for offline viewing on your device.

What one thing do you like least about Hey?

They've really let the "inbox zero should not rule your life" philosophy run amok in a way that I find counterproductive; the consequence is that it's almost impossible to quickly and easily get rid of an email you don't want to see again. They need to compromise on the archive function to let the good part of the idea shine. There are lots of things that I want to review once then keep for reference, but don't want to keep scrolling through those to find things that are actually important. And, if I've opened an email once, it's no pain to hit the "e" button; this is vastly preferable to having to scroll past a mix of unimportant and maybe important emails until they all fall off the list naturally.

Also, I find the lack of a hard delete really creepy and not well explained. They keep everything, contacts and emails, forever, apparently -- you can always restore them later. This is not in line with my expectations, or I would guess, most users'.

Also also, there are SO MANY cases I've encountered where it's not possible to make a single rule about emails coming from a particular address, and this is also a dealbreaker. (I assume more granular rules are coming?)

I think they're also shooting themselves in the foot a bit by not allowing historical import. They suggest keeping an mbox file locally to search, which seems... less than ideal...?! There are ~15 years of email in my Gmail account, plus all the earlier email that I imported there; if I have to open Gmail every time I want to refer to something I received before May of 2020, I might as well just stay in Gmail.

That said, I think what they're doing is so interesting, I ponied up for the first year to see what happens next -- but right now the experience is WAY too frustrating to actually use as my primary email client. I hope they rein in some of the excesses, and fine tune a little because there's some really interesting stuff underneath.

I had two critiques on the HEY app but one was recently fixed. First, I'm glad they just added the "quick action menu" on all pages of the app. That makes things way more smooth to navigate.

The one thing I need though is custom domains that I can add into the mix. So far, using for my personal email is great and helping me keep track of things, but the real test will be when my work email address is added in there and I get hit with a lot more requests and organizational needs.

Will it work? We'll see. But definitely willing to give it a shot.

I did see a quote on Twitter though that made me laugh.... paraphrasing here:

"Superhuman is the Tesla of email while HEY is the Hummer." 😂