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Linear, multi-touch revenue attribution Dashboard

Hi all, What's the minimum data required to build a linear, multi-touch revenue attribution dashboard? There's a lot of info available but nothing specific for SaaS companies. Would really appreci...

Has anyone tried to build a basic multi-touch revenue attribution model?

Hi all, Working at a SaaS company (experience management) and we're trying to build a multi-touch revenue attribution model to see which channels are giving the maximum ROI. If anyone has experien...

Automate content updates on 100+ landing pages

Hello! We need to create 100+ landing pages for collecting feedback on individual instructors. Each page will have their photo, bio, and a 5 question feedback form. When the instructor's bio chan...

Need a newsletter tool that integrates with Wordpress & Hubspot

I have a client with the Starter Hubspot package — the way I understand it, if you use it to send email newsletters, it only keeps a web-based version of the email for a year. It doesn't exactly in...

What are the best Product Management tools that work with Hubspot? Trying to connect customer feedback to revenue!

Have previously evaluated tools like Productboard and Canny to help organize customer feedback with frequency, revenue impact and customer record information. Both of these seem to integrate nicely...

How do you forecast sales?

We are currently using HubSpot's CRM for our pipeline tracking. Today, we are managing our monthly sales forecast out of a spreadsheet, which requires effort to maintain accuracy. Any recommendatio...

What would you ask before hiring a helpdesk and communications platform?

I'm deciding on a universal inbox (including whatsapp, bots and ai) and helpdesk platform. Would like to have a all in one solution, but never worked with cs before. What questions are important? W...

What software do you keep connected with integrations?

Some software can stand alone, no other tools needed. You could use Photoshop or PowerPoint on their own forever without missing out on much. Other tools thrive with connections. You could use a f...

Email-based sales tool

Our current sales process is a very barebones: when a lead completes a form on our website, we send them an automatic email. When the lead responds, we use Front to assign the threads to each other...

Do you use kanban in your CRM, or do you have another way to organize leads and contacts?

Pipedrive perhaps most famously made a kanban-style workflow the default way to move leads through a sales process, and similar kanban workflows are now common in many CRM apps (along with project ...

What’s your worst software purchase mistake?

It seemed like the perfect tool, and everything went great during the trial. Or perhaps it fit your needs well for a time. Then everything changed. You hit the limits, and needed something more po...

What is your favourite way to send drip campaigns?

We are a small bootstrapped SaaS company ( and we want to setup automatic emails to new users based on a few criteria e.g. To -- > New admins, signup confirmation emai...

Which Agency Management system

I am looking for a platform to manage my marketing agency, ideally, it will either have CRM and Marketing automation included or at least be able to communicate with decent ones. Currently, I am l...

The one wiki to rule them all?

The company I work for is quickly expanding and we're realising the need to house frequently used information on a single platform. This would ideally house the company's handbook to assist onboard...

How have you customized your CRM?

Salesforce, HubSpot CRM, and other popular contact management tools are a great platform to start managing contacts—but the default setup is only a base. One of the biggest reasons people say they ...

Sales Email Sequence & Open Source CRM

What’s up everyone, I have been recently working with small non profit organizations to help them set up their tools and workflow. And it’s all about finding the cheapest and most powerful tool. ...

What makes HubSpot's marketing tools worth paying for?

HubSpot CRM is an incredible deal since it's free—but the rest of HubSpot's marketing tools are expensive enough to make our team second-guess whether we should upgrade. If you pay for HubSpot, wha...

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What's the best VOIP service for a start-up/small business?

Our team currently uses Ring Central solely for the price point and flexibility of a monthly contract. Beyond pricing, the issues range from horrendous customer support to limitations integrating w...

What are the best tools for growth marketing?

Our company is currently on a high growth path and I would like to know which are the best tools you use for growth, from the design and priorization to the actual execution, measurement, and histo...

How do you compare Drift to Hubspot?

We're up for renewal with Drift next year. I feel like it's getting a little expensive for what they offer. We currently use Salesforce, Drift and Autopilot - and I feel like it would be nice to ha...

How do you track emails in HubSpot?

Does HubSpot include email tracking to see when emails are opened? If so, how do you turn it on and use it?

How do you add HubSpot email signatures?

Is there a way to customize your email footers in HubSpot to always include the same signature?

How does HubSpot calculate contacts for billing?

Can you mark contacts as non-active to keep them from counting towards your contact count?

Which HubSpot add-ons do you use?

Do you pay for extras inside HubSpot, or use apps that connect to HubSpot?

How has your HubSpot usage changed over time?

Has it been most important when launching new products, or do you find its marketing tools useful over the long term?

What features make HubSpot’s marketing and sales hubs worth buying?

Happy with HubSpot CRM right now, and curious which features pushed your team to upgrade to HubSpot's paid plans.

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Why did you choose HubSpot?

Which other marketing apps did you consider, and which features in HubSpot made you pick it?

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Do HubSpot’s mobile apps include all HubSpot features?

Would you be able to use HubSpot from mobile without needing to use the browser version?

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Can you downgrade from HubSpot marketing to the free CRM?

Considering upgrading, but not certain we would need HubSpot's marketing tools long-term—but definitely want to keep using the CRM. Would love to hear from others who have downgraded HubSpot.

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How does HubSpot CRM compare to Salesforce?

Our team is new to CRMs, and it seems many larger companies end up using Salesforce over time. Do you think HubSpot CRM is sufficient for your needs, or would it be something where we'll use it at ...

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HubSpot CRM users: Do you plan to upgrade to paid HubSpot?

Or do you use other tools for the marketing automation aspects?

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Why did your team choose HubSpot?

Did you consider or previously use other marketing apps like Marketo? Were you able to replace multiple tools with HubSpot?

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How does HubSpot Marketing count contacts?

Can you archive contacts, or mark them as non-active, to reduce your per-contact fee? Are there any tricks your team uses to minimize your contact fee?

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How full-featured are HubSpots mobile apps?

Would it be possible to use HubSpot fully from iOS and Android apps, without using the browser?

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Did your team need HubSpot premium services ?

Wondering if our company could start using HubSpot without needing to pay for consulting or training. Would love to hear if your company used their services—and if you found them valuable.

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Which HubSpot add-ons did your team need?

How much can you do in HubSpot with its built-in features—and are the add-ons necessary?

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Do you use HubSpot's blogging tool?

Wondering if it's good enough to use instead of WordPress or Medium for a basic company blog.

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Is HubSpot CRM worth using?

It's free—which is very appealing—but is it worth using versus Salesforce or another paid CRM? Was your team able to effectively use it for free without upgrading to HubSpot's paid plans?

What's the best HubSpot discount?

Looks like there are several HubSpot startup discounts—which one did your team choose?

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