Approved (4.26.21)
Revision note: Added features + functionality for Hugo
  • Save, sync, and share your meeting insights. Hugo is your one-stop place for everything about your meetings: before, during, and after.
  • Get notified and nudged so you're always prepared: Receive a daily email to see and set agendas for your meetings. Get messaged in Slack to take notes. Send a task for others to review materials before your session.
  • Start agendas with one-click templates: Your template library starts with agenda templates for many kinds of meetings. Customize templates or create agendas from scratch.
  • See notes from similar meetings to connect the dots: Maybe it’s a recurring meeting. Maybe it was your latest chat with a client. Whatever the reason, if you've had a similar meeting before, Hugo puts those notes at your fingertips.
  • Collaborate on notes with internal and external teams: With one shared meeting note, you have a single source of truth for each meeting. Whether it is with your team, or clients, customers, and contractors, everyone can see what was decided.
  • Track tasks and action items for every meeting: Manage meeting action items, even for people who don’t have Hugo accounts. Assign pre-meeting tasks to review or fill in data. Like with notes, tasks are auto-organized.
  • Send your notes and takeaways to your favorite tools: No more copying/pasting to your CRM, project tools, and to-do lists. Sync notes or tasks to tools like Salesforce and Jira without switching screens.
  • Find any meeting note, decision, or task in seconds: Notes are automatically indexed based on attendee, company name, meeting name, tags, and words in the meeting note. Unlike with folders, emails, and chat logs, Hugo notes never get lost.
  • Share your notes with customers and partners: Keep everyone aligned on what took place and what the next steps are. Share notes publicly (no log-in) or privately, your choice.
  • Stay up to speed while attending up to 40% fewer meetings: See what your team is doing. Catch up on meetings from another time zone. Pick up with a customer where someone else left off. Know what happened, regardless of if you were at the meeting.
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