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Integrate Jira, zapier, and Redbooth

Good morning, I am trying to integrate jira zo zapier to update the status of the incident after making another tool called Redbooth, put a task in finished and tried sending it through a webhook b...

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How can we make Notion work seamlessly with Confluence and Jira?

I'm a big user of Notion and would love for my team to start using it as well. We are about to transition over to Jira from Wrike and will have access to Confluence. Does it make sense for us to ma...

What Web-based SaaS product do you use daily and more than 4 hours per day?

Is there any Web-based SaaS product you use for your day job or personal work, at least 4 hours per day? Is it forced (you're mandated to) or value-based (it's crucial for the problems that you're...

Notion now has backlinks to show which pages link to a page

One of Roam Research's most celebrated features is backlinks, where you can add wiki-style links to any bit of text to link it to a page—or create a new page if one doesn't exist. Once you add th...

What software got more expensive in 2020?

Over the past decade, software got 62% more expensive on average—and in 2020, software got 2.2% more expensive. Asana went up 10%. AWS pricing went down 1-12%, depending on which services you use....

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Time tracking and resource planning tool suggestions?

Hey we are currently using harvest and forecast, But our head of people is having some issues with Forecast and wanted to look to some alternatives for project/account planning and time tracking. ...

What tools do you use for personal administrative tasks?

I recently added 1Password and Backblaze to my "home stack" to coordinate thing within my family. In addition, I use: 1Password - So my wife and I can share passwords Backblaze - Automated ackups...

How many SaaS tools do you collaborate across on a daily basis?

When I used to work at a large company I remember my work being spread across GitHub, Google Drive, Slack, Datadog, Figma and Dropbox, in that order. I pay close attention to my workflows and I not...

What is your favorite kanban board layout?

Kanban boards are everywhere, after Trello popularized them with its simple kanban-only workflow. You can reorder your Asana tasks (along with those in many other project management apps) in a kanb...

I am wrong to hate Jira?

I worked in a dev team for the last 8+ years and used Jira in most of it. I mostly hated it, literally! My Issues - I have no problem with the Agile Development cycle. They way Jira handles all th...

Debate: Jira vs. Asana

Jira is a classic. It's been around nearly 20 years, pretty much anyone who works in software has used it at one point or another, and it continues to have an incredibly loyal userbase. For it's ol...

Meet the Capiche Community, March/April 2020.

Welcome to Capiche! What are you working on that you’re most excited about? What’d you read recently that influenced you the most? What’s the newest software you’ve stared using? What tech problem...

What's the difference between help desk and service desk software?

Both categories of software seem to cover very similar things—helping resolve customer issues—so wondering what makes Freshdesk different from Freshworks, or Jira service desk different from say He...

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How do you add code blocks in Jira?

Is there a better way to share code snippets in Jira than just copying and pasting code?

How do you add a Gantt Chart to Jira?

Kanban's great for managing the stage tasks are in, but we're having trouble getting the big picture of when work will be finished in Jira. Is there a way to visualize your Jira issue workflow in a...

How do you find tasks assigned to you in Jira?

I'm struggling to cut through the noise and find the tasks I need to complete in Jira, especially as I work with more teams. Any tips to help?

How has your team customized Jira?

And how long did it take to get Jira working well for your team?

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Does your team use Jira with other Atlassian products?

We use Trello, but also GitHub—so curious if Jira works equally well with non-Atlassian products.

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Why did your team quit using Jira?

Did you switch to managing projects in GitHub or another project management app?

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How do Jira annual plans work?

Do you pay the discounted rate each month, or pay upfront for a year?

Are Jira's mobile apps full-featured?

Could you use Jira effectively without using it on the web?

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What does Jira include that other project management tools don't?

What makes it crucial for especially software development teams?

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Do you use self-managed Jira and why?

The self-hosted version wouldn't bring much savings if any, so curious what made your team want to run Jira in-house.

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Jira Premium users: What made your team upgrade to their top plan?

Jira Premium offers an uptime SLA, unlimited storage, and 24/7 support—but everything else seems the same. Where those alone enough for your team to upgrade?

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