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Revision note: Intro, with details from Capiche discussions about what's good and what's frustrating about Jira.
  • Jira is an agile software development tool, to help teams manage issues and plan new releases of software. Jira organizes tasks on kanban boards and in releases to organize which tasks to accomplish, when. Each part of Jira can be customized and automated with workflows to speed up your team's work.
  • Development teams love Jira for its customizability and massive market share—and thus a vibrant community of users and 3rd party developers. "Everyone in engineering teams have used Jira so it's really easy to get people onboarded," as former 500 startups team member [@chiragchamoli mentioned]( And its workflow tools are what keep teams using it: "When it comes to defining a workflow, I don’t know anything better that it," said [@avetisk](
  • The most common complaints about Jira are about its speed, complicated workflows that add overhead to project management, API issues, and limited support. Jira's interface is also dated compared to many of its competitors; "JIRA's UX is still awful," as [@blakesgentry commented]( "Their platform is far too complicated for the average person to administer," [said @yoni_ops]( Jira's complicated to master; once you do, though, it seems to be a tool that teams stick with for the long term.
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