Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Jira?

They use SQL like filters for several configurations (Board filters, report generation etc). Since I have a technical background, this makes me feel very powerful in how I can exploit different functionality.

Extremely configurable: the way in which JIRA handles custom fields, custom workflows, roles etc. is pretty powerful and much more sophisticated than other tools like Asana or Clubhouse.

It is really customizable

Promise of bringing visibility to the entire team

Integrations with other tools (zendesk in particular). A key use case for me is to help streamline connections from customer conversations to inform product work. Without the mature ecosystem of integrations, I'd look elsewhere for straightforward project management tooling.

I like its flexibility and rich app market.

Flexibility and control over entire workflows

Versatility of progress boards

Integration with version control and pipelines on bitbucket

It is a very extensible product. It takes some time to configure it but once you are used to it makes it easy. Also since project management is unique to every company we can customize the product as per our requirement.

How it manages so many complex workflows.

Everyone’s familiar with it.

I enjoy that it makes my team accountable

Keeping project management overhead out of my mental capacity.

I love using Jira keyboard shortcuts to improve productivity

User interface, work prioritization.

global search is pretty decent.

We use jira for all our works and it super helpful because we can connect to gitlab and we use it for ticketing also.

What one thing do you like least about Jira?

A user experience that is akin to trudging through mud.

Overcomplicated and outdated UX/UI.

Limited ways to visualize/slice and dice tickets. Makes prioritization exercise as a PM really annoying and slow.

I use it in Bangladesh and it is very slow.

Diffcult or impossible to navigate the data

It is built with the flexibility to meet any need but in-turn, meets none of them elegantly. To operate at any scale, there is an incredible amount of overhead to shepherd the overall practices within an organization into the same philosophy and implementation. I am not sure we would ever be able to replace it but I know it isn't the best option.

It becomes heavy on the budget as you add more plugins.

Slowness and messy backend

Slow progress of feature development and release

You can only assign a task to a single person

It is expensive. The product development has been very slow. There are lot of things Jira can do to improve the productivity of developers.

Can have bit of learning curve for new users.

Tactical focus only. Can’t bring roadmap, pain points, etc. to life within the day to day work.

No Gantt charts or robust timeline abilities

It's so painful to add burn down charts and other management dashboards.

Most of Jira is not accessible to screen readers

New interface has messed up lot of things.

Slow its very slow performance issue

Slow and cluttered. Hard to visualize your sprints in different slices and labels w/o constantly going to IT or an admin for custom coding.