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What's your fave financial budgeting software? Phocas? Something else?

Curious to know if anyone has experience with using Phocas for budgeting and forecasting (or a similar solution). Presently using Excel and it's entirely too archaic.

Chartio is shutting down - closest/best alternative?

Chartio is shutting down, sold to Atlassian: For other Chartio customers out there, wondering what you're planning to switch to? I've been using Chartio for years and really ...

What's the easiest user analytics tool to integrate into your app?

Google Analytics is great for seeing everything that happens on your site—though it’s hard to tie it into your user events and build a full picture of people’s interactions in your site and app. A...

Any feedback on graphy and any alternatives on market?

I came across Graphy and signed up for access, it seemed super interesting and the people from Graphy scheduled a call and asked multiple questions on why I want to use Graphy etc. I still didnt ge...

What BI tool do you use? How much do you pay for it?

Pricing for popular BI tools like Tableau and Power BI can get very confusing. Would be great to understand your usage and how you charge your end user to account if you provide analytics using one...

How do you make Looker faster?

Looker can be quite slow to load data sometimes, so trying to find ways to speed it up.

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When should you use a Looker view instead of an explore?

Seems they’re both similar—any reasons to choose one over the other?

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Is LookML better than standard SQL queries?

Wondering if learning LookML is needed to use Looker effectively

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How do you create reports with Looker?

Do you directly use Looker dashboards, or do you export the data to visualize in other apps?

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Has anything changed since Looker was acquired by Google?

Other than standard product improvements, that is...

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