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Why is there discrepancy in numbers in google analytics and mailchimp?

For example: I ran a campaign whose revenue is 400k according to mailchimp while analytics shows around 80k. Which one is the most accurate?

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What is your favorite way to poll and survey your audience?

You’ve built something new and want to know what people think. How do you ask them for feedback? Polls can be fraught, where people who are most or least happy with your product may be more likel...

Rich text vs. plain text for emails?

Do you send your marketing emails and newsletters as a plain text email that looks like a standard Gmail email, or do you send HTML formatted emails that look more customized with your company’s br...

Do you clean up your email subscriber lists?

Curious if you use open and click stats to clean up your newsletter subscriber lists, especially to keep email costs down? Or do you just keep everyone subscribed, hoping they’ll eventually decide ...

Opinions needed on Ghost or Substack as alternatives to Mailchimp

I currently use MailChimp to produce a weekly finance newsletter comprising several articles as well as a diary of upcoming events I host. I have under 2000 subscribers, each tagged according to t...

First look at HEY, that new email thing

I've been lucky AF to get an invite to the 2-week trial of HEY, the email service that made a lot of noise (mainly due to their war on Apple Store but still). These are some of my first impressions...

What is your favourite way to send drip campaigns?

We are a small bootstrapped SaaS company ( and we want to setup automatic emails to new users based on a few criteria e.g. To -- > New admins, signup confirmation emai...

Tip: To see all your Mailchimp email subject lines, export an account report.

I've been frustrated that there's no easy way to see the subject lines of email campaigns I've sent in the past, as Mailchimp's Campaigns page shows the name of the campaign, not the actual subject...

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What's the best referral tool for email marketing?

Newsletter first media brands like Morning Brew and The Hustle have built massive newsletter lists on the back of referrals. There are dozens of products out there: - ReferralCandy - Rocket Refer...

Is there a way to A/B test entire emails in Mailchimp without the Premium plan's Multivariate testing?

We're using Mailchimp Standard, and the default A/B test settings let you test one variable—so you can either test the subject line or the email body or the send time. I was wanting to send two en...

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Sales Email Sequence & Open Source CRM

What’s up everyone, I have been recently working with small non profit organizations to help them set up their tools and workflow. And it’s all about finding the cheapest and most powerful tool. ...

How can you make pre-filled, auto-submitting links in Google Forms for an email survey?

I'm wanting to include buttons for a poll or survey in an email, and would like to automatically record and submit the response the user chose when they click a button. How can I do this in Google ...

In Mailchimp, what is the difference between audiences, lists, groups, segments, and tags?

I have a vague sense of some of these differences, but is there any clear explanation of how all these things work?

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What are the best tools for growth marketing?

Our company is currently on a high growth path and I would like to know which are the best tools you use for growth, from the design and priorization to the actual execution, measurement, and histo...

What is the best email marketing app?

Do you use a tool that does everything from newsletters to drip emails, or do you rely on a newsletter app? What's your favorite?

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Does Mailchimp offer any discounts for startups?

We're thinking of moving from GetResponse to MailChimp. For starts, we foresee needing 25k contacts.

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