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  • ### Mailchimp Features
  • The most used features on Mailchimp relates to their newsletter functionality. Once logged in you will see your campaigns which lists all the email campaigns you have pending or have sent out to your mailing list. It is extremely easy to build your newsletters with Mailchimp’s drag and drop newsletter builder. They also give you access to a number of starter templates which suggest layouts for the purpose of your email. Suggestions include templates to sell products, make announcements, tell a story, follow up or educate your audience. You can also choose a style template rather such as a 1 column template or a 1:2 column template.
  • Mailchimp also allows you to schedule your email sends which is extremely powerful and allows you to send your emails at the most opportune time of the day and week – this feature is only available under their paid for memberships.
  • It is extremely easy to build and import your audience into Mailchimp. You can upload them through copy and paste, or an excel sheet. The most powerful part of Mailchimp is how many other software providers include prebuilt connectors so you can automatically send new audience members to your database. This can be a huge time saver. WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, Wix and Squarespace are just a few major pieces of software that connect easily with Mailchimp. These connectors also allow you to import various pieces of information into your database list which you can then use to segment, split and send automated emails. Many other newsletter software providers do not make this easy and that is where they fall short.
  • Mailchimp also includes the option to send automated emails to your audience. This is incredibly powerful for marketing. You can send follow up emails depending on an action taken by an audience member. For example if they fit into a certain segment of your audience or whether they opened your previous email.
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