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  • ### What is Mailchimp?
  • Mailchimp is the go to newsletter and mailing list software to start building a database and communicating with your clients and audience through their email inboxes. It is extremely easy to use, set up and connects to various other software platforms and it is free to start.
  • Mailchimp is a fantastic product for anyone looking to build a newsletter database as it is easy to sign up, import your email list and start sending newsletters. It is fantastic for any person, company or business that does not have a newsletter platform yet. It works well for small to medium sized businesses who do not have a huge audience database. For larger databases there are some other more cost effective platforms.
  • Mailchimp’s power comes from its wide usage as there are many API connectors that are pre-built for you to connect to your website so you can build your audience without having to manually load all your contacts. Mailchimp also includes automations in its free package which allows you to send emails automatically according to what actions have occurred. This is incredibly powerful when communicating with your audience.
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