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Revision note: first pass
  • Mailchimp is free to start and you get a ton of features in their free offering. That is why it is an amazing product for small and medium sized business.
  • Under the free package you get access to 7 marketing channels, 1 click email automations, basic templates, their marketing CRM, Surveys, Websites and Custom domains. You can stay on the free package as long as you have less than 2000 contacts in your audience. You are also only allowed one audience, which is not a problem due to segmentation.
  • After you have more than 2000 contacts you need to move onto their Essentials package which starts at $9.99 per month. The pricing depends on how many contacts you have. You can stay on this package until you have more than 50 000 contacts. You will also get some added features such as more templates, A/B Testing, custom branding and the ability to schedule your emails.
  • If you have a larger audience or want more powerful features you can upgrade to either their Standard option which starts at $14.99 or their premium package which starts from $299.99.
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approved - looks good, though I think we should break it out in a more clear way that shows the specific packages. Great start!

2 years ago
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approved - ^ agree

2 years ago