Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about MailChimp?

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Its template editor is really good, and it comes with Mandrill for transactional emails for the same price

I used Mailchimp for a newsletter I had a few years ago. The best thing about it is that it's very easy to use. The free version also has lots of features like A/B testing, which is helpful. If you're looking for something to getting going quickly and want some cool advanced features, I would recommend Mailchimp.

What one thing do you like least about MailChimp?

I'll start by saying I've used Mailchimp for years, going all the way back to 2011. It's a well-designed service that makes email marketing easier and more effective.

But it's not a great CRM, and that's become a real pain point for me in the last couple years. I'm at a small non-profit and we manage between 1000-1500 accounts, with several contacts at each account.

The thing I like least about Mailchimp is that its contact/audience structure is poorly suited to this scale.
- There's no simple way to send multiple emails to the same contact for a campaign. We do this when a contact has multiple renewals linked to their name.
- Managing users across multiple audiences is tedious at best. Each audience is a separate bucket, so any change to a contact in one audience doesn't carry over.

All that said, Mailchimp is a great tool for a small team and I would still recommend it!

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Mandrill only included with paid accounts.