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Do you have an email validation tool you'd recommend?

Looking at ways to make sure people don't mistype their email when they sign up. Sendgrid has a verification API—have you used it and does it work well, or do you have other email verification tool...

Need a newsletter tool that integrates with Wordpress & Hubspot

I have a client with the Starter Hubspot package — the way I understand it, if you use it to send email newsletters, it only keeps a web-based version of the email for a year. It doesn't exactly in...

Breakdown of software I'm using to build a SaaS

Here's a breakdown of apps I'm using to build a SaaS: Heroku as I'm not a DevOps, and I don't know anything about Docker. Heroku is good with all the add-on they offered (and locked you in?) Twi...

What's the best transactional email sending service?

Curious how Amazon SES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, and others compare, and why your team picked the service you did to send emails.

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