Pros and Cons

What one thing do you like most about Microsoft Office 365?

Cloud-based, so staff members can access anywhere/anytime on a wide variety of computers and devices and administration is not burdensome

Industry standard, fast, works offline.

New portal makes it very easy to manage different type of accounts and settings.

Business model aligns incentives so you're paying for software rather than being shown ads or having your data used. Products are updated regularly with new features and bug fixes. Also truly works cross-platform.

Universality of file formats. Regardless of which client or device you use, the file will work because the apps are everywhere.

What one thing do you like least about Microsoft Office 365?

Missing some cool new functions available in Google Sheets.

Support can be time-consuming and difficult. Often, we understand the source of the problem or issue but we have to go through several rounds of questions to get at the source we already understood.

Changes made through the admin portal sometimes have a longer than desired delay to go into effect.

OneNote uses a proprietary data format which is difficult to export. I much prefer notes as individual files on disk.

Formatting and fonts on Excel doesn't transfer over to files I put up on Onedrive.