June 1, 2023


Plaid pricing or alternatives?

I’m looking for some average pricing for plaid ( or alternatives) for about 20,000 transactions per year on the “auth” product

Anyone know how much Navattic costs?

Would love to know pricing without having to have a demo from them. Anyone know please?

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What does everyone use (if anything) to store and search RFP questions and answers?

Currently, we just have a Dropbox folder with previously -answered RFPs, which our Sales team uses to copy and paste answers into new RFP responses. I know there are content management tools out th...

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What are the best platforms for community management?

We have 15k newsletter subscribers, and have around ~2k of them in a Slack group. We're starting to encounter issues in terms of community management - specifically, it's hard to pin content like c...

App Advent Calendar: One epic tool every day

I know you all love exploring shiny new tools. And I spend an hour almost every day experimenting with Product Hunt launches. So, I went ahead and created a compilation of the top 30 must-try prod...

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What's the best video conferencing app for internal discussions?

Three major considerations I have been using to evaluate the plethora of options available: 1. Effortless/non-intrusive: It shouldn't feel like a video call 2. Price: As this app would be complime...

Issuing Invoices from ClickUp

Hello, I'm wondering if there is an option for issuing invoices directly from clickup. My aim is to have everything integrated and I would like to create a template using most of the information th...