January 22, 2021


Does any software have a "beginner's mode?"

Ever been frustrated learning how to use a new piece of software because of all the options and not sure where to start? Is there any software that can switch to a "beginners" mode? Meaning, hide...

What Web-based SaaS product do you use daily and more than 4 hours per day?

Is there any Web-based SaaS product you use for your day job or personal work, at least 4 hours per day? Is it forced (you're mandated to) or value-based (it's crucial for the problems that you're...

How has your remote work changed over the past year?

Whether you already were working remotely before 2020, or switched remote during lockdowns, how has your remote work changed over the past year? Any new apps or habits you've found that make remote...

If you run a consumer products company, what software(s) do you use to manage your supply chain?

How do you manage purchase orders, invoice payment, tracking manufacturing, freight shipments, inventory planning?

What products are the most innovative, do you think?

It may business-related or not. I just want to hear the SaaS that was breath-taking to you the first time you saw it.

What tech do you wish had never changed?

WinAmp. Aol and MSN messenger. GeoCities. Netscape. Encarta. The sound of floppies and hard drives and dial-up modems. It's incredible how nostalgic some older tech can feel today. It was exciting...