November 28, 2022


How do you manage your chat inbox?

Hey guys, first post here. As part of my work, I have to deal with and respond to a lot of incoming messages from different chats: Linkedin/WhatsApp/Signal/IG. I try to use Unreads/Archive features...

What are your favorite small, single-purpose apps?

There are plenty of advanced, powerful software filled with enough features to do almost anything. And then there are the tiny utilities that don't do much, but that are great at what they do do. ...

What's your best note-taking app?

I'm using Evernote, coda and notion. Are there any other good ones?

Notion embed tool: built quick generator that lets you embed Notion on any site

I'm a bit of a nighttime product builder. When I should be sleeping, I cant help try and work on ideas I have. Spent some time and put together a tool that lets you embed Notion in iframes, on an...

How can I save highlighted and annotated materials into a bookmarking service like Raindrop?

I love Raindrop as an organize /search for later use scenario. However, sometimes I want to fully digest (highlight, annotate, summarize, etc) a resource (article, book etc.), even thought I'm not ...

How do I track orders with products?

Hey all, I'm trying to track customer orders, where customers order multiple products/items. I have and order list, and a product sheet. so far i've only been able to create orders by inputting tas...

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Anyone here affected by being shut down?

Hey guys, I was just wondering whether there are any customers who are kinda shocked and looking for alternatives now.

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