Activecampaign is offering free credit for a few months to existing customers who need to cancel because of Covid.

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3 months ago

Nice of them, but better for their churn metrics. It's better to lose the MRR than to lose the customer overall. It'll be interesting to see if they continue this into the fall.

Lots of other companies are doing this behind the scenes. If you call in to cancel, you'll encounter this "deal"

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@awwstn (replying to @SamCRichard )
3 months ago

@SamCRichard: do you know of any specific companies that are offering those deals when people try to cancel? Most don't want to talk about it publicly, and we're trying to pull a list together to help out folks who need it:

Have you renegotiated your pricing for any SaaS in light of COVID-19 and the shaky market?

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