After the initial launch, what have you done for marketing?

You started out with a bang! a16z article, NYT article, podcasts, etc.

The invite-only list was boomin'

What's next for marketing?

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3 years ago

Hi Jason! 👋

Superhuman has 3 pillars of growth: (1) virality, (2) content, and (3) press.

For virality, it is still the case that the best way to get a Superhuman invite is to be referred by a Superhuman customer. The nuance about coming in this way is that it primes you to do the same: somebody referred you, so the next time you see somebody looking for an invite, you're much more likely to want to refer them. This virality drives much of our growth.

For content, I try to have one key theme per year. For example, a year ago I shared our product-market fit engine. This turned out to be one the most widely shared entrepreneurship articles that year — and led to many talks and podcast episodes. This year, I am sharing our unique practice of product design, which has its roots in game design. Expect to see a lot about this!

For press, it is worth noting that we are in a very unusual moment in time. COVID — and the thread of an impending recession — rightly dominates all headlines. We have quite a few large articles in the works, but they are all on hold as the current news cycle plays out.

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