Alternative to Segment Personas?

I'm looking for a tool to build the source of truth about my users/customers. Segment Personas fits the bill BUT last time I checked (12+months ago) it was super expensive.

Does anyone have an alternative to recommend or a recent Segment Personas quote they can share?

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2 years ago

A previous discussion on Capiche about Segment alternatives had mentioned Hull and Freshpaint as being alternatives. Of those, Freshpaint looks more like the standard Segment alternative for directly connecting applications, where Hull is building customer profiles in what might be closer to Segment Personals—and it connects to Redshift and Salesforce among others. Could be worth checking out.

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2 years ago

I'd second checking out on the cheaper side or Lytics on the pricier side.

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2 years ago

I'm looking for something similar myself.

Checkout and see if it works for you.

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@Copypastaa (replying to @whoelse_me )
2 years ago

Look like the right idea. But no integration with Salesforce or redshift

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2 years ago

Are you looking for a source of truth for internal use, or external ad audiences?

For internal analysis/source-of-truth for your customers, if you're using Segment's base plan (or MetaRouter or Rudder Stack etc.), some of their destinations will allow you to aggregate behavior. For instance, in Amplitude, customer look-up allows us to keep track of actions performed within our product, but also within our mailing platform (

On the database front: In addition to sending that information to Amplitude, it all lives in Redshift, making it easy to do joins etc. Combine that with something like DBT for transforms and you might be able to get user actions transformed in a uniform place.

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