Alternatives to SaaSOptics?

We are currently using SaaSOptics (~65 person company) but we are open to alternatives. We really like the invoice sync with our CRM (HubSpot) but are not super pleased with the dashboard functionality and usability of SaaSOptics. What else should we consider?

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a year ago

Chargebee and, increasingly, Stripe's built-in billing tools are the top popular recommendations on Capiche when subscription management tools get brought up. In a comparison of Chargebee vs. Recurly vs. Stripe Billing, @barrios recommended Stripe to start with, Chargebee for more detailed dunning management, and Zuora for more features at scale, and @jeffreysmith mentioned that Stripe has improved here on the customer side while Chargebee has more reporting tools.

The trouble with those suggestions is that they'd require using their payment processing solution, and don't provide standalone subscription insights. ProfitWell is another tool that comes to mind, purely focused on subscription reporting, and @Patticus might have some insight to share there.

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a year ago

Thanks @maguay! @Patticus long time no chat :) sounds like we should tee up a demo!

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a year ago

We've been using Outseta for a while. I like that it handles both user management as well as subscription management. There's CRM features too, but we don't use them. There's a few things that are clunky like subscription add-ons and the lack of coupon codes, but all in all, it's saved a lot of time not having to build from scratch.

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a year ago

thanks for the suggestion - I'll check them out!

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