Any feedback on graphy and any alternatives on market?

I came across Graphy and signed up for access, it seemed super interesting and the people from Graphy scheduled a call and asked multiple questions on why I want to use Graphy etc. I still didnt get the access but the software looked very exciting in using it, does anyone know any other alternatives on market to Graphy.
And if anyone has used it or has access to it whats your feedback.

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2 years ago

Haven’t used Graphy yet, though interesting they’re doing both the more modern “invite-only” launch and combining that with the older enterprise “sales call required” onboarding.

Closest other thing I’ve used is Google Data Studio, which connects with a number of Google services (including Google Analytics, and Google Sheets to work with data exports from almost any app), social networks, CRMs, and payment services through 3rd party integrations. It feels a bit like a cross between Google Sheets and Google Slides, and is generally simple enough for anyone to use to build a dashboard or report once the services are connected.

On the more advanced side, we’re using Amplitude at Capiche to analyze data and build reports, and I’ve used Looker in the past for similar use-cases. They require more technical skills to setup, but generally make it easy to combine data from a wide range of sources and use them to build reports.

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almost 2 years ago

Had a demo on graphy. It seems super powerful for building reports. Very Marketing oriented in terms of integrations. They are considering integrating with datawarehouses rather than business sources directly.
They offer to be part of the private beta for 500E for a year.

We are building to allow any business users to be a data analyst without technical or computer knowledge. Our current clients use us to centralise their business data in and prepare/build reports that they can share in a BI tool (Google Data Studio, metabase, etc.), monitor their business activities, calculate custom field and sync them back, etc..

We have connections with Google Data Studio and metabase so we now know them quite well. They are extremely powerful. Graphy is very different in the way you can build and share the report like blending text and graph from any source in a report is super fluid whereas GDS, metabase and other BI tools are more dashboard oriented.

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a year ago

hi there! co-founder at - a pretty cool alternative to graphy. we're a no-code dashboard tool mixed with elements of productivity!

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