Any input on making the Notion inbox only show comments where you are tagged? (without showing comments where other members are tagged and other updates)

In our team, my user inbox acts like this (which is very helpful, as it is easy to get the overview of what has to be addressed, without seeing irrelevant info). The other members of the team, however, are getting all tags in the entire workspace show up in their inbox, making their own tags lost among other comments. Neither us or Notion are able to identify what is causing this difference. Would deeply appreciate any leads on how to make my team mates inbox behave like mine!

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2 years ago

Hey! If your teammates getting irrelevant notifications, ask everyone to double check the pages that they are "following." In Notion you only get notifications when you follow a page. you will auto-follow the page, when someone:

  1. Mentions you on a page
  2. Mentions in a comment on a page
  3. Adds you to a page's person property

To unfollow a page, click on "Updates" in the top right corner and toggle the "Follow this page" setting.

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