Any SaaS that only accepts ACH payments?

Looking for SaaS that doesn't accept credit card/debit card/paypal payments- only wire transfers/ACH.

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They all do once you reach a high enough monthly amount. A credit card is just easier for small payments.

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Curious what sparked this question for you @ashley21? We've been talking about this internally at my company recently but weren't thinking about this exclusively as one or the other. We've been evaluating if there's a demand in the market to offer wire transfer/ACH payments and if that would allow us to capture to new portion of the market and/or help reduce churn through more flexible payment options for our customers.

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I can't imagine why you'd intentionally limit to those, considering the hassle/time lag for wire transfers/ACH payments. We offer them as an option, but also offer all of the other methods.

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