Anybody have success outsourcing B2B content creating?

Need to scale our B2B SaaS-focused thought leadership content, mostly white papers, ebooks, etc. We've gone the individual freelance writer route, but wondering if anyone has worked with a shop/service that didn't suck.

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a year ago

We feel your pain! Writing is a FT job, managing freelancers is a FT job, what gives?! We were in the same boat a month ago.

So we looked at three options and just hired Growth Machine. Went through a pretty in-depth vetting process, so feeling good about their partnership! We're still in onboarding mode but we're excited to see what they produce.

They also do backlink building through guest posting and SEO auditing.

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@maguay (replying to @gdal821 )
a year ago

Oh nice, Growth Machine has done some really good work. Got to work with Nat years back at Zapier, so while I haven't directly worked with Growth Machine, here's another vote for them!

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