Anyone have a preference between Gong and Chorus as sales tools?

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a year ago

Think both are focused on "sales manager" but for sales productivity their use is limited. I've found more value from lower cost tools like avoma

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a year ago

Was the value due to cost or something particular about avoma?

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a year ago

In an earlier discussion about, @ericjmurphy had mentioned that Gong required annual pricing, which led his team to instead which they liked.

On the other hand, @MelanieCrissey had mentioned that "Gong totally rocked my world in 2019" in a discussion about favorite software from 2019, and strongly endorsed it.

Then @TChurchie had put Chorus as part of their ultimate tech sales stack, though without much detail on why they'd used it.

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a year ago

Thanks @maguay and @ericjmurphy was super thoughtful in his Gong response a few months ago. Iā€™m going to dig further into Chorus with @TChurchie

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