Apple recently allowed users to set default mail and browser apps, lets say if they would have allowed other categories then what other default apps would you substitute and with what options?

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2 months ago

Notes. On the iPad, you can tap the pencil on the screen when it's asleep, and that will instantly open the Notes app where you can start scribbling ideas. Would love to be able to set that to any notes or drawing app.

Camera also would be nice to be able to set. If you could set any other camera app (Halide) as the app opened when you press the camera button on your lockscreen would be amazing.

I would say Password Manager, but the current options already do a pretty good job of letting apps like 1Password feel integrated into the device.

As a side note, it's surprising how hidden the new feature to set default apps is on iOS. There's no core settings option to pick your default browser or email apps, only an API setting to switch the defaults. Apps have to ship an updated version that includes a settings option to set the defaults themselves—so if your email app or browser hasn't been updated with that option, there's no way to set that browser as your default today. It's reminiscent of how you add fonts to iOS: There's now default support for 3rd party apps, but you need an additional 3rd party app to install and manage those fonts.

Hopefully this is only the first step and it'll be simplified over time, but it almost feels like Apple added this option to forestall antitrust litigation more than to actually give users the choice.

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2 months ago

I exactly feel the same, apple did this to tackle antitrust litigation. But then if you think MacOS had default features since long and i think apple will provide more customization options in near future

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@maguay (replying to @siddxxvii )
2 months ago

Great point on macOS having this first. Over time, it feels like both iOS and macOS are becoming more similar to each other (especially with the iPadOS variant of iOS), and the end goal may be something that's a remix of both, with different features per screen size.

One thing that would be really nice to have in iOS (that macOS has had forever) is file defaults, to set which files open in which apps. But iOS is more designed around an app-first interface where you open the app then open the file you need, so perhaps Apple sees that as making defaults unnecessary.

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