Are kanban boards the best way to organize stuff?

Kanban boards are everywhere now, the default way to organize tasks, contacts, database entries, notes, and more.

Airtable uses them to organize your data. Pipedrive uses them to turn your leads into deals. Notion uses them to add a workflow to your notes. Todoist, even, built them into their to-do list app, as task cards are now almost more popular than the original checklist.

But is kanban the best way to organize all of your work? Or do you have other favorite ways to organize tasks and more?

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Kanban is really useful as a team for:
- Visualization
- Limiting the work in progress (and therefore improving the flow)

For more personal tasks, I still prefer the good old checklist format.

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@maguay (replying to @JulienDambron )

Agreed on visualization—that’s the key win of Kanban to me, being able to see where every part of a project stands at a glance.

Interesting on limiting work in progress being a benefit. That’s a kanban feature Trello didn’t have for the longest time (and that Notion still doesn’t have, without a custom filtering setup).

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For teamwork, Kanban works well. The complete picture that it gives is why I keep going to it. But for individual tasks, it will always be a simple checklist, mostly on OneNote. I find the time taken to create a board for personal use too much of an effort.

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What would you say are the top competitors to Kanban?

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@maguay (replying to @rpatools )

The two largest alternatives would be the standard to-do list on the simpler side, and the Gantt chart or burn down chart on the more detailed/complicated side.

For tracking progress on individual tasks, is an interesting take on what something similar to kanban but without the lists and cards could look like. Tasks are ordered more like a normal to-do list, but with status icons that show how far along the task is right now.

Basecamp abstracted it even more with their Hill Charts that let you estimate broadly how far along a project or project section is, for what’s possibly a better way to estimate progress in projects where every task doesn’t need the exact same workflow.

Do you have any other methods to organize tasks in projects that you prefer?

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