Are there any Wunderlist features still missing from Microsoft To Do?

With Wunderlist shutting down soon I need to switch to Microsoft To Do but hate to quit using Wunderlist. How does Microsoft To Do compare today? Does it have every feature from Wunderlist now?

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2 years ago
Microsoft To Do is missing a number of Wunderlist features including smart dates, printing, notification settings, and more

Microsoft To Do is quite similar to Wunderlist—down to the background photos, app interface, and the way task details come in a sidebar that slides in from the right when you click on a task.

There are still a few Wunderlist features missing from Microsoft To Do:

  • Printing: Wunderlist always showed a small floating toolbar at the bottom of lists, with a Print List option that would make a paper checlist of your tasks. That’s missing in Microsoft To Do.
  • Email: That same menu in Wunderlist let you email a plain text version of a task list; that’s not in Microsoft To Do.
  • Do Not Disturb mode: In shared lists, Wunderlist included a Do Not Disturb mode to disable notifications from that specific list. There’s no option to disable notifications on a single list in Microsoft To Do.
  • Notification settings: In a similar way, Microsoft To Do has no option to switch between email and push notificaitons, as Wunderlist did.
  • Smart due dates: Wunderlist recognized text like “on Tuesday” in text to schedule tasks, something Microsoft To Do does not offer.
  • Links to tasks: Wunderlist let you copy a link to a task, as a way to jump back to a task from another app easily. There is no way to link to specific tasks in Microsoft To Do.
  • Comments: You could add comments on any task in personal or shared lists in Wunderlist, but no comments are available in Microsoft To Do.
  • Overdue tasks: Wunderlist’s sidebar showed the number of overdue tasks in red, which is missing in Microsoft To Do.

There are also some Wunderlist features that are renamed or work a bit differently in Microsoft To Do:

  • Subtasks from Wunderlist are called Steps in Microsoft To Do.
  • Background photos in Wunderlist are set for your full account; in Microsoft To Do, you have to choose a Theme (which simply changes the background color or photo) per list.
  • Folders for lists in Wunderlist are called Groups in Microsoft To Do.
  • Week view in Wunderlist showed the next week’s tasks; Planned view in Microsoft To Do shows all scheduled tasks, with tasks beyond this week marked as “Later.”
  • “Inbox” in Wunderlist is now the “Tasks” list in Microsoft To Do
  • “Assigned to me” in Wunderlist is now “Assigned to you” in Microsoft To Do

Then, there are two new features in Microsoft To Do that weren’t in Wunderlist:

  • My Day view, which in Microsoft To Do replaces the “Today” view from Wunderlist, but adds a suggested list that shows tasks from the past it thinks you might be able to get done today. That helps keep you from forgetting older tasks.
  • Outlook integration lets Microsoft To Do automatically turn any starred emails in Outlook to tasks in Microsoft To Do.

In general, Microsoft To Do is close enough to Wunderlist to be a direct replacement—but if you relied on any of Wunderlist’s features that it doesn’t support yet, you might be better off with one of the Wunderlist alternatives including Todoist, Things, and

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