Automate content updates on 100+ landing pages

Hello! We need to create 100+ landing pages for collecting feedback on individual instructors. Each page will have their photo, bio, and a 5 question feedback form.

When the instructor's bio changes in HubSpot, we want it to update automatically on their landing page.

Currently, we are using:
- HubSpot for the forms
- Wix for the landing pages
- Zapier for many other integrations

We're open to using other apps for the forms and/or landing pages. While Coda seems like a good possibility, I haven't been able to figure it out. Thank you!

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a year ago

Ohhh fun challenge!

One of the first ways I ever used Zapier was to do something similar with a WordPress blog (if I remember correctly, we may have had to do it through the MySQL integration at that time). At any rate, that is one option: You could have the data come in from HubSpot (or any other form), and have Zapier search for a matching post, if it exists update it, if it doesn't exist create it. And if you make a custom WordPress theme that displays the data the way you want, it might work well to make a directory site.

A similar idea would be using Notion. Its database can have a custom page per entry, and then you could use something like to add a custom domain. That wouldn't be possible to automate, though, as Notion's API isn't public yet.

Another idea could be using something like Table2Site to turn Airtable entries into individual pages, or AppSheet to do something similar with Google Sheets. I think you could also use Bubble for this—use Zapier to push the data to Bubble, and have Bubble make pages for every database entry.

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