Best CRM to go with Google Workspace and Superhuman?

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a year ago

I use Cloze and am very satisfied. I have also used NetHunter which also works well.

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a year ago

While there aren’t any CRMs that directly integrate with Superhuman, many today do work directly with Gmail—either with a Gmail sidebar (which would be helpful when you’re using Gmail on the web) or by pulling in your Gmail contacts and emails automatically. For that, Streak is fully built into Gmail so you don’t have to use another app to manage contacts, and FullContact’s design is similar enough to Google Workspace’s design that it’s easy to fit into your workflow.

With Superhuman specifically, the best would depend on your needs as no matter what you pick, you’ll be using it alongside Superhuman without a direct integration. The newer personal CRM apps—including Clay, Monica, or a custom one built in Notion, Airtable, or Coda—could make sense. And it’s hard to skip HubSpot as it’s such a popular CRM, and free at the base level. Pipedrive’s another good option, for a more kanban-style approach to contact management.

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