Best dashboard/KPIs tracking for early stage start-up?

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2 years ago

Databox is well suited for early stage startups. They have a generous free plan and single-click templates to get started quickly.

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2 years ago

I feel like I need a "favorites" tab on Capiche for the awesome tools discovered here

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2 years ago

Databox looks awesome!

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2 years ago

At Capiche, we're using Amplitude to keep track of internal dataβ€”it's worked well for us so far. Another tool I often recommended is the free Google Data Studio, which can pull in data from Google Analytics, Google Sheets, and a number of 3rd party data sources, and then let anyone with any basic spreadsheet charting experience turn the data into reports and dashboards.

Then, here are more suggestions from other similar discussions on Capiche:

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2 years ago

If you use Stripe, Baremetrics is a one-click setup and provides super useful metrics Easy to understand your numbers at a glance, but also able to drill-down and segment your customers for insights.

They also provide several other tools in their platform that can help an early-stage startup: automated Dunning, messaging tool for sending automated emails (like onboarding emails), forecasting tools, and more.

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2 years ago

If you have an in-house devops person or even a developer, growing your own mini metrics system can be rather easy thanks to Grafana for visualization and a Time-Series Database like InfluxDB or Prometheus. Elastic has their own newer stack to cover this as well if you'd prefer a single ecosystem.

This kind of system assumes your product can shoot out metrics over time to help power the analytics you can devise within Grafana.

If you have raw data sources already then Looker is indeed a great choice, though it can be intimidating. Microsoft Power BI is also an easy option if you're familiar with that ecosystem - and comes with a generous free plan.

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2 years ago

Looker is a great platform for this. It's a super easy UI that makes it easy to understand your KPIs / other analytics while giving you a bunch of integrations with database / cloud sources. The visualizations are super nice and they give you special insights into your data as well.

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2 years ago

Other good ones are dasheroo and

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a year ago

Sorry for the "spam" but we provide a dashboard app for Jira (soon for Confluence too): Ronin Dashboards So, for us, it's the best for startups and big companies :)

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